Catamaran Excursion

Private Catamaran

Light and agile with a svelte profile, graceful movements and shining radiantly white. We are pleased to introduce the star of Sea Sun Ibiza: the “Passion Cat”, a unique boat for Ibiza summers. Many people have already had the pleasure of getting to know Ibiza by sail, exploring the island’s more than 200 kilometres of coastline and discovering the islets and crags that jut out of the Mediterranean Sea around it. Here is the excact place to be where you can discover the best open water excursion ibiza has to offer...Cocktails...DJ's...a cool environment...enjoy the magical island cruising the sea!

Include: Sound system, Canopy (Shade), Captain, solarium, Snorkel, Beer (optional), Cabin, WC, BBQ

Max capacity Length Width Motor
75 passengers 17.8 mts 8.8 mts Volvo 55 cv Diesel