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Rent a Boat in Ibiza with or without Skipper.??

When we are going to rent a boat in Ibiza, be it a boat, a motorboat, a sailboat or a catamaran, one of our first questions

It is to rent a boat without skipper or to rent it with skipper. It is an approach that arises even though we have a nautical title.

Some of our boats in Ibiza can be rented only with their own crew. They are generally boats of greater length and with very specific technical elements and complex management, such as electric generators, water purification ...

However, many others can be skippered by yourselves as long as you have the proper qualifications.

Regardless of these requirements, from Ibiza winds we will always recommend the rental of boats in Ibiza with a Skipper, and this for the following reasons or advantages:

If someone from the crew acts as a skipper, they will be responsible for the boat, and while their friends relax, go down to the beach, or drink some mojitos, the patron should be aware of the boat and sober.

If one night you want to go have a drink, and you do not have mooring, the boss must stay on board pending the boat. Do not forget that you can not leave the boat anchored and unguarded. A change of wind, in intensity or direction, can cause the anchor to graze. No matter how well anchor you may be, this same thing can happen to a neighbour, and your boat can come against yours.

Port manoeuvres are always delicate. 

In Ibiza and Formentera there are no signposts and other dangers for navigation, which you should check in nautical charts.

The point is that acting as a skipper entails a series of responsibilities superior to those of the rest of the crew. Of course it is a satisfaction to act as patron, but you must be clear about these questions. Now, if experienced sailors, you know the island of Ibiza, and take a crew that does not go to the Blue Marlin and leave you watching the ship, go ahead, enjoy this beautiful experience that is to navigate Ibiza.

If you hire the services of a skipper:

  • He/she will watch out for the rental boat at the anchorages, so you can go down to the beach, shopping or wherever you want, without suffering because you have to pay attention to the boat.
  • He/she will be watching the manoeuvres of the port.

  • He/sheKnow perfectly every corner of the island, and I will be able to show you some of Ibiza's paradisiacal places that you would never have discovered on your own. 

  • The boat is known to perfection and can perform any basic repair at the time.

  • Know the wind regimes of Ibiza, and the coves where anchoring is safe and comfortable. 
  • Generally, the bosses are people of the sea, with experience and stories to tell. Your company is nice and they can teach you a lot.

Whatever is your choice, here are few options you can consider: